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The Islands Foundation

Founded in 2016, the Islands Foundation has been set up to benefit sporting, educational, cultural and community projects in the islands by using funds raised by Islands Lotto.

The sole objective of the Islands Foundation is to help improve the local communities by providing financial assistance to individuals, teams, non-profit making organisations, charities and community-based projects. The qualifying funds raised from each Islands Lotto jurisdiction is made available to local projects.

What you can do

Any person, group or charity may be considered for a funding award, please note funds raised in each island are held for that island.

If you would like to seek support from the foundation please

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If you have any questions about the foundation please do not hesitate to contact us.

Islands Lotto

The Islands Foundation is funded by Islands Lotto. Islands Lotto is an online lottery with a jackpot draw which takes place fortnightly and is open to all Jersey residents who are 18 years of age or over. By participating in the lottery games you are directly contributing to the raising of funds for good causes in the island.

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